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InfoQ Homepage News Job Trends: EJB, Spring, and Hibernate

Job Trends: EJB, Spring, and Hibernate

Rick Hightower has posted a few graphs from Indeed's Job Trends comparing Spring against EJB3 and various ORM tools against each other. The graphs show that Spring is steadily gaining while EJB3 (and EJB overall) is not. Similarly, Hibernate continues to dominate the ORM field in job postings.

Using Indeed's Job Trends, which allows you to compare job postings between different keywords, he analyzed EJB3 vs Spring. As can be seen in the graph below, EJB is steadily slipping while Spring is continues to grow.

EJB vs Spring

If the current trends continue, in the next six months Spring will overtake EJB.

After looking at containers, he looked at ORM solutions and, as shown here, Hibernate is far and away the most popular tool.

Hibernate vs other ORM

Lastly he compared Spring to JBoss to see how that battle was doing. The trend shows that while Spring and JBoss are both gaining, Spring is increasing much faster and has nearly caught JBoss.

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