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Team Foundation Server Roadmap Revealed

Brian Harry has released the roadmap for Team Foundation Server. Areas included in the roadmap are Servicing, Out of Band releases, and Major releases. Highlights include two, possibly three, services, support for TOAD and the branched projects.

Under Servicing, Microsoft intends to release SP1 shortly and followed by a Vista compatibility pack. SP2 is being considered for mid-2007, though it is not definite.

Out of Band releases consist of Power Tools. A set of operation tools for server monitoring and capacity planning look interesting. For Oracle developers, support is being added for TOAD. A stack of customizable reports are also being planned.

In order to match the Visual Studio release schedule, the Orcas release ill be fairly minor. The focus is on removing the barriers that prevent companies from adopting the TFS. SharePoint 2007 support will be important to some, while smaller companies are looking forward to a simplified installation and the ability to co-locate on a domain controller.  Currently the installation process for TFS is quite complex and can be hard to get right.

Significant improvements are planned for the build server. Key among these is continuous integration support and an object model allowing programmatic control over builds.

Migration tools are planned for not only converting other systems to TFS, but also mirror a TFS database with alternate systems. Some of these are slotted for pre-Orcas release as Power Tools.

There will be some compatibility issues between VS 2005 clients and Orcas servers and vice versa. However, they seem to be fairly minor and limited to controlling the build server.


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