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InfoQ Homepage News FioranoMQ Service Pack 3 released claiming 20% performance improvement

FioranoMQ Service Pack 3 released claiming 20% performance improvement


FioranoMQ Service Pack 3 was recently released, offering significant performance improvements and increased robustness via improved diagnostics and JMS APIs for server monitoring.

Fiorano, who built their business as a JMS vendor but has expanded into the Enterprise Service Bus market, has released an update to their flagship product. They claim a 20% performance boost for publish-subscribe applications, with their CEO Atul Saini saying:

With this latest release, FioranoMQ now performs up to ten times faster than it’s closest competitors, including IBM and TIBCO, for a vast number of publish/subscribe applications in Telecommunications, Financial Services and other key application areas.

They're not the only vendor to claim that they're the fastest product on the market, and unfortunately, few independent tests exist to validate any of the claims.

Fiorano lists other enhancements as:

  • Enhanced flow control mechanisms for increased robustness in the presence of slow subscribers
  • Better high-availability diagnostics
  • New JMX APIs to monitor server health
  • Enhanced client-side persistence to handle server-less application restart.

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Community comments

  • speed versus reliability

    by Knut Forkalsrud,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    I used FioranoMQ back in the 5.x through 7.x versions, and the speed didn't matter much when the internal DB was corrupted. I would trade speed for reliability any day of the week. In messaging fabric, where scaling horizontally is key, I would make my investment in an open source solution with liberal licensing terms.

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