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InfoQ Homepage News Stefan Tilkov on REST on new Parleys presentations site

Stefan Tilkov on REST on new Parleys presentations site

At the Enterprise SOA conference organized by the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG) in October, InfoQ SOA editor Stefan Tilkov gave a presentation on "REST - the better Web services model". BeJUG, who also organize JavaPolis and this year's SpringOne conference, have put slides and synchronized audio for this and other presentations online at a new portal site called Parleys.

In Stefan's talk, Stefan first introduces REST, which is supposed to be the architecture of the Web, highlighting the architectural differences to other communication paradigms.
Stefan argues that the Web services and the standards from the Web services space, collectively known as the WS-* specs, don't use the Web, but rather abuse it. After introducing some of the major problems with Web services, he points out how these are addressed when REST principles are followed. Also mentioned are advanced concepts such as asynchronous communication, reliable messaging, transactions and security, and how these are addressed in REST.

Other SOA-related talks on Parleys include  Dennis Sosnoski on Web Services Architectures and Gregor Hohpe's Patterns in SOA.  Recently they've also posted some great Java talks:
Parleys is also investing in doing sychronized video with their slides just like we are doing here at InfoQ, and have filmed all the talks at the Javapolis conference. In the next few months they will start posting some of them,  making Parleys a great new learning site.

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Community comments

  • REST and web apps

    by michael m,

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    Sorry, this is slightly off-topic, but I started to get into the REST stuff and have one question:
    REST architectures are stateless. Yet, many web apps (say, a mail app or e-banking) have state, usually kept on the server and by cookies.
    What is the RESTful way of writing such an app? Any pointers?

    (sorry again, this might not be the right forum)

  • Re: REST and web apps

    by Stefan Tilkov,

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    There's a good explanation from Roy Fielding, the author of the REST paper, here.

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