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InfoQ Homepage News Wazaabi 1.0 XUL Interpreter for Eclipse RCP Apps Released

Wazaabi 1.0 XUL Interpreter for Eclipse RCP Apps Released

Wazaabi, a set of Eclipse plugins providing a XUL interpreter so Eclipse RCP applications can be built with XUL-described GUIs, has released version 1.0.

Wazaabi is an open-source project that is supported by ProxiAD, a French consulting company. Wazaabi applications have been released in production since before the beta 3 release in October, however the project is young and the community is still small. The project has been stable recently, with the only noteworthy changes since the final beta being work on documentation (full Javadoc is available, along with a Quick Start Guide and a Tutorial).

The Wazaabi team has already begun work on v1.1, with significant features including:

  • Reverse binding (from forms to javabeans)
  • FormParts and editors dirty states handling
  • CSS support
  • Advanced sites (toolbars, menus,...) handling

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