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Debugging Tools: Hawkeye


If you ever needed to take a peek at a running application, you know that the debugger can be overkill, especially if the source code isn't available. With Corneliu Tusnea's Hawkeye, you can take a peek and even tweak a few things in an easy to use GUI.

Like a debugger, Hawkeye can attach to any running .NET process. Just drop the bull's eye on a window or control, and Hawkeye displays its data in a property grid. All properties, not just the design time ones you see in Visual Studio, are available. Properties and fields can be edited, with the changes being tracked as C# code.

All of the methods for the currently selected object are also listed and can be invoked. Attached event handlers are also listed.

If Lutz Roeder's Reflector is running, Hawkeye can link to it and show the source code for the selected control.

The tool is a little clumsy to use at time, but it appears to do everything it claims, inlcuding 64-bit operating system support.

The basic version of Hawkeye is free. The professional version allows you to view the contents of a SecureString and supports Thread Principal injection.


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