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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar


A new version of the IE Developer Toolbar is available. This provides a collection of tools for web developers including a real time DOM editor and the ability to view pages with scripting or CSS disabled.

The DOM Explorer itself is quite easy to use. It allows developers to select objects either via a tree view or by clicking on the element directly in the browser. Attributes and styles, including inherited styles, are shown in editable tables.

Outlining features allow one to quickly see table, div, and image layouts. Link and image properties can also be overlaid on the page.

New features for this version include a report on CSS usage, a style trace tool, and colorized page source.

This tool does have some bugs. For example, sometimes it appears as a toolbar that can be turned on and off. At other times it displays just a single button for toggling the DOM Explorer. In either "mode", the DOM Explorer includes a complete copy of the toolbar. Perhaps this is the reason the IE Developer Toolbar continues to be stuck in perpetual beta.



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