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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: Transitioning to Agile, Attitude Counts

InfoQ Article: Transitioning to Agile, Attitude Counts

Much has been published regarding agile methodologies: technological issues like test-driven development and continuous integration; methodologies and their recommendations for release planning, tracking velocity, and how to "tune" your process using metrics.  Daffyd Rees felt that one easily could gain the impression that agile methods such as Extreme Programming and Scrum can be adopted simply by purchasing a set of tools and following a series of apparently simple practices.  His own real-world experience, however, suggests that successful agile adoption is more complicated - it involves fostering a set of attitudes that build trust, encourage communication and collaboration, and ultimately allow people to become more adaptable and productive.

In his article last fall in the Agile Alliance's Agile Development Journal, Daffyd Rees reminded readers that:

There are no simple steps to follow that will guarantee a smooth transition to agile.  True success with agile methodologies requires a true change in behavior and outlook.

InfoQ brings you Rees' article Cultivating Agile Attitudes, which appeared in the fall 2006 edition of Agile Development Magazine, an information radiator for members of the Agile Alliance, where writers from the community share successes and challenges with Agile projects, explain various methods and tools, and provide insights into new research.

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