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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Alliance's Agile Development Magazine is Out

Agile Alliance's Agile Development Magazine is Out

Those new to Agile software development may not be aware that the Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports individuals and organizations who use agile approaches, driven by the simple priorities articulated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.  At $100 USD a year, membership confers some interesting benefits: discounted registration at the annual Agile2xxx conference, access to Agile Alliance funds for sponsored events, voting in the annual election of board members, a free subscription to Better Software magazine (in the US), and the Alliance's own free quarterly e-magazine Agile Development Magazine

For the 2700+ members of the Alliance, this week marks the publication of the fist 2007 volume of the Magazine.  This quarter's features include:

  • Bug Typecasting: Those outside an agile team can be left wondering how they’re supposed to manage defects in an iterative system. Read how one team is keeping it simple. by David Starr
  • Setting the Stage for Unit Testing: Most people agree that unit tests are worthwhile, but few take the time to formalize the process. This six-stage template will help you in your efforts to effect a unit testing framework. by Richard Sharpe
  • Book Review of Jutta Eckstein’s Agile Software Development in the Large. by Ryan Shriver
  • Change Agent Dreamin': Bob Schatz makes the case for the ScrumMaster as a leader and a dreamer.
  • Formula for Success: How an agile process had the right properties for a chemistry lab project by Cyril M. Coupal

Note that all attendees of the Agile2006 conference are automatically members for one year. For non-members, a glimpse of Agile Development Magazine is available in this article from last fall's edition: Cultivating Agile Attitudes by Daffyd Rees.

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