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InfoQ Homepage News AgileTrack: New Agile Project Tracking Toolset Released

AgileTrack: New Agile Project Tracking Toolset Released

After a year of beta testing and development, AgileTrack Software, LLC released its first production version of the AgileTrack application last week.  AgileTrack is a software development and project management tool that allows programmers to apply agile development techniques including Scrum and XP in their projects.

In addition to the expected management of stories, tasks, tests, iterations and releases, it has some interesting features:
  • Rich client application offers a fast interface
  • Provides web services for progammatic integration (XML-RPC and JSON-RPC interfaces)
  • Cross-platform support for Windows and Linux
  • Allows searches to be created, saved, and used for custom reports
  • Fine grained permissions for security and enterprise control
  • Collaboration facilities built into client for sharing team knowledge
  • Automated email notifications
This latest release provides minor fixes, in addition to updating the interface to provide more ways to navigate the available data.
  • Table columns can now be hidden/shown by right-clicking on the column header.
  • The client/server interface has been revised to pass information in fewer calls to improve overall client/server communication performance.
  • Attachments are now available for projects, iteration, and releases.
  • The list of releases for a given project are shown in the project view, and the list of iterations encompassing a particular release are shown in the release view.
To assist users with AgileTrack installation, configuration, and usage problems, support forums and documentation are provided.

Users can contribute to the development of AgileTrack by submitting bug reports and feature requests, as well as commenting on existing issues in the AgileTrack development system.  Users are encouraged to participate and help AgileTrack have the features it needs - and AgileTrack rewards the contributions of its users with free licenses.  In particular, users who provide language translations will be given free licenses.  Users who provide many useful bug reports, features requests, and forum participation will also be rewarded.

The AgileTrack project commenced as an open-source project in June of 2005. The tool was first made available for beta testing in January of 2006.  The AgileTrack Client continues to be open source, but the server/database has been separated from the client. It is the server/database module that licensed on a per-user basis. For a single user, a trial license is automatically acquired for the purpose of evaluation. A multi-user trial can also be requested.

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