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The Ajax & Browser-based applications track at QCon has been defined. QCon runs March 12-16 and is the UK's first major enterprise software development conference.

The Ajax track is hosted by InfoQ Editor &'s Scott Delap, the full day track will feature presentations from Thomas Fuchs (creator of, Alex Russell (co-founder, Dojo Toolkit), Bruce Johnson (Lead, Google Web Toolkit), Christophe Conraets (Lead, Adobe Flex), and Dave Crane (Author, Ajax Patterns). The sessions include:
  • Ajax and design patterns : Do we need a client tier?
  • Google Web Toolkit: What, Why, and How 
  • Rich Internet Applications for the Enterprise with Flex and Apollo 
  • Ajax Development with Dojo
  • Prototype and Spending the weekends at home again
Tracks at QCon are day long and run sequentially in one room, allowing for interested attendees to totally emerse themselves in one topic. In addition to Ajax, QCon also features tracks on Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, quality architecture attributes, investment banking architectures, Usability, and architecture case studies of sites like eBay & Amazon. QCon has been receiving a lot of attention in blogspace, most recently from Redmonk analyst James Governor.

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