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InfoQ Homepage News Forrester creates new acronym: IC-BPMS

Forrester creates new acronym: IC-BPMS

The latest Forrester report on SOA talks about the convergence of SOA and BPM. In it, the authors indicate that the term integration suite is becoming obsolete as it is replaced by integration-centric business process management suite (IC-BPMS). Although the term doesn't exactly flow off the tongue, is this an accurate assessment? Does the industry need this new categorization, or is it another SOA 2.0.

According to the report, IC-BPMS lowers the barrier between integration and new application development, and in particular composite applications and "IC-BPMS tools are uniquely capable of supporting model-driven, composite application development based on existing or captured business metadata stored in embedded, SOA-based registry/repositories. This approach supports high levels of system artifact reuse and can frequently result in dramatically reduced coding for new application functionality." Furthermore, pretty much all of the usual suspects have IC-BPMS products: we just didn't realize it until now. Expect the usual bandwagon jumping coming to a vendor near you soon.

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