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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Tracks at Qcon in London in March

Agile Tracks at Qcon in London in March

The new QCon conference conference, specifically designed for the Enterprise Software Development Community, will be held in London March 12-16 2007.  Organized jointly by and JAOO, it builds on 10 years of JAOO experience running conferences in Denmark.  The event will feature two tutorial days (March 12,13th) followed by three full conference days with multiple tracks.  Two Agile tracks, including a full day of Open Space, complement 11 other tracks addressing languages, architecture, case studies and the banking business domain.  Here are the details:

Tutorials, Monday and Tuesday March 12th and 13th:

Certified Scrum Master Training, Monday and Tuesday,
Jeff Sutherland, Scrum Co-creator

Agile Leadership: Moving from Management that Controls to Management that Facilitates, Tuesday
Diana Larsen, FutureWorks Consulting

Hands-on Agile Development Workshop, Tuesday
Kevlin Henney, Independent Consultant

Agile Foundations Track, Thursday March 15th
In this conference track industry veterans explain the fundamental factors and practices that make agility work for developers and their client organizations, including feedback and evaluation techniques, tools & practices that can help stabilize teams and projects and promote customer success.
  • Agile Project Lifecycle: User Stories and Release Planning,
    Rachel Davies, Agile Alliance Chair
  • Test Driven Development: How do we know we're done?
    Steve Freeman, Independent consultant, M3P
  • Heartbeat Retrospectives to Amplify Team Effectiveness
    Boris Gloger, Founder of SPRINT-iT
  • Agile Project Management: Lessons learned at Google
    Jeff Sutherland, Scrum co-founder
  • Agile Architecture is not Fragile Architecture
    James Coplien, Senior Agile Coach, Nordija & Kevlin Henney, Independent Consultant
Agile Mastery Track: Reflecting on our Agile Journey, Friday March 16th
Agile software methodologies are maturing. The "innovator" questions of first-time implementation are giving way to more sophisticated, thoughtful conversations as we grapple with local constraints, and sometimes with the organization itself. To help us examine these issues, this track combines a full day of Open Space with lectures to create a day rich in collaboration and thoughtful input. All participants are invited to attend the Open Space opening and closing, and to shift between lectures and Open Space sessions all day - something our lecturers will also be doing.
  • Open Space sessions,
    facilitated by Diana Larsen, FutureWorks Consulting
  • When Agile Hits the Wall - Organizational Challenges
    Joseph Pelrine, CST, C*O of Metaprog
  • Developing Expertise: Herding Racehorses, Racing Sheep
    "Pragmatic" Dave Thomas
  • Getting to Agile Quality Management
    Andreas Schliep, Scrum Coach
  • Mock Roles, not Objects
    Steve Freeman & Nat Pryce, recipients of the Agile Alliance's 2006 Gordon Pask award
Other Tracks include:
  • .Net Enterprise Development
  • Ajax & Browser-Based Applications
  • Architectures you always wondered about
  • Banking Architectures
  • Java Emerging Technologies
  • Java in Action
  • Qualities in Architecture
  • SOA: Bridging business and technology
  • Software Usability for software developers
  • Solutions Track
  • What makes Ruby Roll?
Registration for Qcon is available at a slightly reduced rate until February 15th.

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