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InfoQ Homepage News Book Download: Mr. McNeighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book

Book Download: Mr. McNeighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book

Jeremy McAnally's Humble Little Ruby Book has found a new home here on  The Humble Little Ruby Book covers the base syntax of the language, including working with values, flow control, and object oriented programming, into some of the library functionality of Ruby, such as databases, web services, and string manipulation. The book can be purchased for $9.95 and a free PDF download is available here on InfoQ courtesy of Jeremy McAnally.

According to Jeremy, the book:
is not a language book per se.  It is perhaps best described as a mix between your favorite novel, your favorite Spanish textbook, and a Richard Simmons exercise video: it walks you through the very basics of working with Ruby, but by the end of it, you'll no doubt be
sweatin' it to the oldies.
Jeremy McAnally is currently working on another book with Manning Publications titled Ruby in Practice.  You can find him at, which links to his projects and blogs.

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