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InfoQ Homepage News TeamCity 1.2 Released - Continuous Integration Server for Java and .NET

TeamCity 1.2 Released - Continuous Integration Server for Java and .NET

JetBrains has released version 1.2 of TeamCity, their distributed continuous integration server. New features include support for Visual SourceSafe, and a client-side plugin for Visual Studio 2005 which enables users to navigate from build errors in TeamCity directly to the corresponding source code within VS 2005:

TeamCity 1.2

[TeamCity 1.2 screenshot showing ability to navigate to code within Visual Studio]

Agile development teams rely on continuous integration to provide feedback on the current state of the codebase. Unfortunately, .NET developers adopting agile practices have often lacked tool support similar to that enjoyed by Java developers. JetBrains attempts to fill that gap with TeamCity, and with ReSharper, a Visual Studio add-in which provides enhanced navigation and refactoring functionality for .NET developers.

TeamCity is available at a discounted price until February 28th. Developers interested in trying TeamCity may download a 60-day trial version.

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