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VersionOne Agile Enterprise Toolset v6.4 Released

VersionOne is known for their web-based project management and software lifecycle tools, enabling Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and AgileUp.  This summer, VersionOne introduced their "Agile API" to allow integration of VersionOne processes and project data with third-party software development tools.  This month's release, of their V1: Agile Enterprise, available on January 18th, will include new features enabling improved customization, integration, and simplified planning:
  • Custom Fields: allows customers to define their own unique fields for capturing data.
  • Windows Integrated Security: enables VersionOne users to be authenticated against existing Windows domain accounts.
  • Acceptance Test Framework: integrates external test suites via the V1: API.
  • Templates: automatically generate features and defects with associated defaults, tasks and tests.
  • Feature Planner: allows teams to rapidly plan a feature and its associated tasks and tests.
VersionOne's pricing structure allows for teams with various size, budget and infrastructure constraints to consider this toolset.  V1: Agile Enterprise is available as a hosted "on demand" service or as a locally installed “on site” solution.  Pricing models are on a per-user basis: either as a monthly subscription, or as a perpetual license, plus support and maintenance.  There is also a free "team" edition available for 1 to 5 users, with the same features and benefits as the enterprise product, but without support or automatic upgrades.

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