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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Jimmy Nilsson on Domain-Driven Design

Interview: Jimmy Nilsson on Domain-Driven Design

In this latest video interview, Jimmy Nilsson of 'Applying Domain-Driven Design' talks about the value proposition of Domain Driven Design and how DDD integrates with Agile. Jimmy also answers questions on OOD vs. DDD and the symbiotic relationship of domain specific relationships with DDD.

Watch: Jimmy Nilsson on Domain-Driven Design (19 min)

On what is Domain-Driven Design, Jimmy explains:
As I see it it's reusing or taking the good habits from Object Oriented Design, the good Object Oriented Design and putting them in a new package so if you have been using object orientation for a long time you will recognize lots of the ideas in Domain Driven Design. If you just get started building a domain model without knowing about those ideas you have a big risk of creating a huge ball of mud which is extremely connected to main model, everything talks to everything, which will be a problem quite fast. Domain Driven Design is about avoiding that problem. That's one thing about it. Another thing about Domain Driven Design is to have an extreme focus on the domain, so you try to learn as much as possible about the domain and you try to put that new knowledge into the code. So it's not so much about translations; you try to use it as it is, to avoid all these gaps between business experts and developers for example.
See also other content at  In the coming months InfoQ will also be posting a video interview with Eric Evans as well as some presentations on DDD.  A chapter excerpt and review from Jimmy's book is also coming next week.

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