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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Mike Keith on EJB 3

Interview: Mike Keith on EJB 3

In the latest video interview, EJB 3 co-spec lead Mike Keith discusses the current state of EJB 3, including common praises and criticisms that have been received. He also talks about POJO support and how the spec has evolved towards dependency injection.

Watch Mike Keith on EJB 3

Keith on the two hardest features to leave out of the spec:

One of them we’ve had a number of questions about was pessimistic locking. It’s not something that my heart was broken about not offering and yet we’ve had a fair number of people ask for it about so I think in the future I think that will come along. Another one that we got fairly frequently was a little bit more support for parent-child relationships than exists. We have some support for that now but in terms of orphaned relationships that is still coming.

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