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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Interview with Maher Masri, CEO of Genuitec on MyEclipse 5.5M1

InfoQ Interview with Maher Masri, CEO of Genuitec on MyEclipse 5.5M1


Genuitec released version 5.5M1 of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench this week, and InfoQ sat down with CEO Maher Masri to talk about the new features, including SNAPs.

MyEclipse 5.5M1 has many new features, but the highlight is what Genuitec is calling Simple Non-integrated APplications (SNAPs). SNAPs are described:

SNAPs are part of the expanding MyEclipse Fusion Technology suite. SNAPs allow developers to accomplish focused tasks without the weight of an entire IDE. SNAPs can also be used with any other development tool, and therefore free users from the vendor lock-in that is commonly associated with development environments.

Masri describes Fusion:

Fusion technology is an integration technology for Eclipse and MyEclipse features - but it doesn't stop there. The technology extends to other features, whether standalone or part of other IDEs.

The MyEclipse blog describes the new release and has a screecast of one of the new SNAPs. Four SNAPs are provided with this release: Image Editor, Visual Web Designer, Database Explorer, and XML Editor. Genuitec says more SNAPs will follow as they get requests from users. Masri is very excited about the prospects of SNAPs:

The horizontal and vertical reach of SNAPs is an exciting prospect. They can be used anywhere, by anyone, at any stage of development. Secondarily, they allow our users to grow into other features over time by solving their immediate needs while exploring our other SNAPs and IDE solutions.

InfoQ asked Masri why Genitec has moved away from integration (which they've been pushing with MyEclipse) with SNAPs.

The MyEclipse population is currently divided in half - those intimidated by a full IDE who are looking for a focused solution to their specific task, and those who are accustomed to a full IDE workspace, but need more lightweight tools for the 'quick fix.' Many of this type of user already has a group of external tools to serve this purpose. SNAPs can unify the workspace of both of these groups by delivering agile, focused tools that the user is accustomed to while avoiding vendor lock-in of many toolsets.

MyEclipse 5.5M1 is available now for Windows, Linux, and Mac, but the SNAPs are only supported on Windows, for now.

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