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InfoQ Homepage News Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! architectures to be presented at QCon

Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! architectures to be presented at QCon

Architects from Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo! will be doing case study talks on aspects of their architectures at QCon London (March 14-16), a three day conference (plus 2 tutorial days) featuring speakers such as Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Gavin King, Werner Vogels, Rod Johnson, Erik Meijer, and 50 others. Tracks span Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, Ajax, Investment banking IT, Architecture, Usability, and others.

Between the architectures you've always wondered about track and the keynotes, the following talks will be presented:

The Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation
Keynote Speaker: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

The eBay Architecture – Striking a balance between site stability, feature velocity, performance and cost
Speaker: eBay Technical Fellow Dan Pritchett

Leveraging the Web for Services at Yahoo!
Speaker: Yahoo! Principle Technologist Mark Nottingham

In addition, the architecture of Voca, the largest inter-bank payment processing service in the UK will be presented, as well as the architecture of (which processes far fewer requests than the above mentioned services :)).

There is a lot of of other architecture content at QCon this year:
  • In the Qualities in Architecture track,  the latest thinking related to performance & scalability, modifiability, operational manageability, availability and security will be presented by Martin Fowler, Amazon's Werner Vogels, Tangosol's Cameron Purdy, eBay's Dan Pritchett, and Peter Sonmerlad.
  • In the Banking Architectures track, the business drivers and latest technologies and best practices used in investment banking will be presented.
QCon is InfoQ's first conference, being done in partnership with JAOO: a prestigous 10 year-running enterprise software conference from Denmark. In the tradition of and JAOO conferences, QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers and will be similar to JAOO in it's commitment to quality content and a high quality attendee experience. 

See also our last announcement:, Dojo, GWT, Flex Leads Presenting at QCon & the Agile tracks & open space at QCon.   Visit

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