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SOA Coverage on Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio, a podcast for professional software developers, has extensive coverage of SOA.

Episode 27 is a general introduction to the topic by SE Radio hosts Eberhard Wolff and Markus Voelter, who discuss the advantages and disadvantages, the definition of SOA,  and how it compares to other approaches that have been tried out before. In episode 32, they talk about the various perspectives on SOA (CBD, EAI, BPM), about fundamental requirements towards an SOA, and they discuss the role of models in defining sustainable architectures; in 33, they discuss the issue of service reuse and a couple of development process issues.

SE Radio also has interviews with software industry luminaries:
  • In Episode 42, integration guru Gregor Hohpe talks about his EAI/Messaging patterns and how they relate to SOA. The interview also contains a brief coverage of service orchestration and choreography.
  • Episode 40 features an interview with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, looking at scalability issues and the role of SOA at Amazon.
  • Episode 39, among other things, covers SOA from the perspective of IONA middleware guru Steve Vinoski.
  • Siemens's Michael Stal looks at Webservices and SOA in Episode 20.
According to Markus Voelter, future episodes will cover Web Service standards as well as an interview with Nicolai Josuttis on some of the organizational aspects of SOA.

Check out Software Engineering Radio here.

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