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InfoQ Homepage News MyEclipse Brings Tools to Visual Studio and Netbeans

MyEclipse Brings Tools to Visual Studio and Netbeans

Last week MyEclipse released version 5.5 which includes Simple Non-integrated APplications (SNAPs). This week they are announcing integration of  SNAPs for Netbeans and Visual Studio:

...Users of NetBeans and Visual Studio are now able to utilize the MyEclipse Visual HTML Designer, XML Editor, Database Explorer and Image Editor SNAPs directly in their own environment. Additional SNAPs will be made available using other MyEclipse features by integrating open source technologies and through partner extensions...

“We proved we could fuse external technologies when we ported Matisse into MyEclipse. Then, SNAPs took this concept to the next level by allowing us to add external functionality to our toolset without adding weight to the IDE. Today, we're proud to go even one step further and deliver our tools directly to users of other environments,” says Maher Masri, president and CEO of Genuitec. “There will be more connections to come in the near future as well,”

Four SNAPs are provided with this release: Image Editor, Visual Web Designer, Database Explorer, and XML Editor. Genuitec says more SNAPs will follow as they get requests from users. A screencast showing Netbeans integration is available on the MyEclipse site.

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