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InfoQ Book: Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption: The Technical Cluster

As more and more people move towards adoption of Agile practices, they are looking for guidance and advice on how to adopt Agile successfully. Unfortunately many of the questions they have such as: “Where do I start?”, “What specific practices should I adopt?”, “How can I adopt incrementally?” and “Where can I expect pitfalls?” are not adequately addressed.

In this book Amr Elssamadisy guides the reader on crafting their own agile adoption strategy focused on their own business' values and environment. This strategy is then directly tied to patterns of agile practice adoption that describe how many teams have successfully (and unsuccessfully) adopted them.

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The book covers:
- Discovering your organization’s business values and smells
- Creating an agile adoption strategy targeted to your environment
- Patterns of agile practice adoption
- Clusters of agile practice adoption that work particularly well together

Amr currently serves Valtech as a Principal Consultant and he is also an Agile news writer for  Ever since being introduced to eXtreme Programming in late 1999, he has been sold on Agile Development and, as a consultant, has been working exclusively with agile practices and helping teams adopt and adapt practices to suit their environments and build better software. Amr has used his experience and gathered the expertise of many others from the Agile community in order to bring together their experiences in this book.

Thanks Amr for this amazing contribution to the software development community!

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