Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon

| by Floyd Marinescu Follow 35 Followers on Mar 22, 2007. Estimated reading time: less than one minute | NOTICE: The next QCon is in San Francisco Nov 5 - 9, 2018. Save an extra $100 with INFOQSF18!
The first annual QCon conference went so well that InfoQ editors were too busy to write about event, so in this article we present the main takeway points and further reading as seen by the many attendees who blogged about QCon. You can also see over 320 photo's taken at QCon on Flickr.

Read Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned at QCon 2007

Bloggers' comments are organized by track and then by session that they are commenting on, all grouped together.  In all of the conferences we've ever been involved with, we've never seen so many people blogging and publishing such detailed content about a conference.

What was your favourite takeway from QCon?

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transactionless by Floyd Marinescu

On a personal note, I thought the whole part about eBay running without application-code transactions was a big eye opener. I could be wrong but I think Werner said the same thing about not runnign transactions, and some quote from him saying that to scale you have to design your app not to use them, but don't quote me on that. :)

Re: transactionless by Tim Hodkinson

You are right: looking at my notes he said that 2 phase commit was actually a barrier to availability. He also said having a relational database was a barrier to scaleability! It contradicts everything I've learned up until now: I kept thinking of that "Weird AL" Yankovic song "everything you know is wrong" :)

Re: transactionless by Floyd Marinescu

Yes that's it, he was referring to not using 2 phase commit. Thanks Tim!

Re: transactionless by Steve Tekell

This sounds consistant with me experience with genuinely large scale applications. They were mostly transactionless. We absolutely didn't use EJBs or any container manageded transactions. Some backend processes used two-phase commit, but I don't think anything that would have effected performance from a customers perspective did.

While premature optimization can create problems, so can prematurely commiting to follow some bad design like a J2EE blueprint where it becomes practically impossible to optimize it enough later.

Re: transactionless by Tim Hodkinson

Which JEE blueprints don't scale?

Re: transactionless by Steve Tekell

I don't think the Sun's J2EE Petstore, as I remember it from several years ago, would be an appropriate starting place for a really large scale app. If you start out from the standpoint of requiring an extra transactional tier (EJBs), you have a performance penalty that can't be eliminated.

QCon 2007 Videos by Roger Jennings

According to the QCon 2007 site, "Videos will be posted on InfoQ throughout the year." I'd particularly like to see a video of Erik Meijer's keynote.

Roger Jennings

Re: transactionless by Nati Shalom

It's pretty much inline with the research made by Pat Helland: Life Beyond Distributed Transactions

Nati S

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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