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Ruby and Rails IDE Comparison

A nameless blogger gives us one of the most comprehensive comparisons of Ruby IDEs available to date. While most hardcore Rubyists use either of the venerable text editors Emacs or Vim, the author of the comparison article seems to take the position that success in a large project settings depends on having the full power of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

The review features descriptions, commentary, feature comparison tables and even screenshots, of the following products:
  • Intellij Idea 6.0 with (JetBrains) Ruby Plugin 0.1.1.
  • NetBeans 6 Daily Snapshot (Versions 20070211 to 20070221) with Common Scripting Language API/Support 0.14.0/, Embedded Ruby 0.11.0, JRuby Implementation 0.92.4, Rake-Based Project Support 0.10.0, Ruby IDE Support 0.20.0, Ruby On Rails 1.1600.0, Ruby on Rails Project Support 0.16.0, and Ruby Projects
  • Eclipse 3.2.1 with RDT Snapshot Plugin and RadRails Plugin 0.7.2 (the latest standalone RadRails version did not work for the author.)
Notably absent from the comparison is Komodo, Visual Studio SapphireSteel, and JEdit with Ruby Plugin.

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