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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Beat Schwegler on Architecting for SOA

Presentation: Beat Schwegler on Architecting for SOA

In this decidedly non-marketing presentation, Microsoft Architect Beat Schwegler shows how service-orientation affects system architecture. He introduces the notion of a service model as a mediator between the business and technology models, and explains how a migration towards such an architecture could occur through a step-by-step architectural refactoring.

According to Beat, a service model is essential to capture the business aspects. The service model then is transformed into an application architecture, which is in turn implemented using a technology model. He stresses that in the real world, unexpected things are happening all the time - and it's crucial that the IT architecture is able to cope with this.

Beat also questions the benefits of an ESB, and stresses that the real issue is to change the way one builds applications, not introduce a piece of technology. He explains how to get from the status quo to the intended target architecture, using a systematic process.

Watch the full presentation (57 minutes).

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