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InfoQ Homepage News DWR 2.0 Release Candidate 4 is available with GUICE integration

DWR 2.0 Release Candidate 4 is available with GUICE integration

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Joe Walker has released the fourth release candidate of DWR 2.0. Significant changes include Guice support, security, and Reverse Ajax fixes.

DWR is a popular Ajax toolkit for Java. Version 2.0 has been in the works for quite awhile with Release Candidate 1 announced in early December of last year. The final release of 2.0 is expected in the next week. They found that Guice support was easy to add and did not affect the core code so they made the changes even though they are late in the release cycle. Tim created the Guice integration on his own and then connected with Joe to make it part of the DWR distribution.

Fortify performed an analysis of 12 different Ajax toolkits for how they stood up to JavaScript Hijacking techniques and while DWR stood up well, some weak points were noted and they have been shored up in this release.

Little remains to be done before a final release: a demo of TIBCO GI integration, a SingletonCreator, and a few bug fixes.

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