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InfoQ Homepage News 14 Ruby projects accepted for Google Summer of Code

14 Ruby projects accepted for Google Summer of Code

For the third time now, Google offers it's Summer of Code (SoC) program. It's Google's way of helping open source projects by paying bounties for serious contributions. To keep the work serious, every project consists of

  • a student that does the work, the SoC project only accepts projects from students
  • a mentor who helps provides help and advice about the project, and who evaluates the project at the end (to make sure the bounty is deserved)
  • a mentoring organization that provides mentors, these are usually organizations involved with open source projects
In the case of Ruby, the mentoring organization is RubyCentral Inc., the organization behind RubyConf and other conferences.

 The list of accepted Ruby projects covers a lot of topics.

InfoQ will be reporting on a number of the following projects with in-depth news coverage in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information.

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