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InfoQ Homepage News RedHat and Exadel Open Source Exadel Studio Pro as Red Hat Developer Studio

RedHat and Exadel Open Source Exadel Studio Pro as Red Hat Developer Studio

RedHat and Exadel have announced that they are open sourcing and rebranding Exadel Studio Pro as Red Hat Developer Studio. Exadel is also open sourcing its commercial RichFaces and consolidating its Ajax4jsf project at Red Hat's as JBoss RichFaces and JBoss Ajax4jsf, respectively. JBoss Ajax4jsf and JBoss RichFaces are available now with Exadel Studio Pro's source expected by Summer 2007. Exadel is shifting its business model away from software and product management and towards professional services as a result. Red Hat's JBossIDE will join the broader Red Hat Developer Studio project. Instead of releasing a complete installable IDE however, Red Hat will offer individual plugins that are available for developers to install and update. RedHat's Marshall Culpepper recently commented on what the transition means for JBossIDE :
  • Forums have been renamed to JBoss Tools (users) / JBoss Tools (dev)
  • Mailing lists have been renamed to jbosstools-dev / jbosstools-announce / jbosstools-commits
  • IRC channel is now #jbosstools (still on freenode)
  • We have migrated from CVS to Subversion, and the new repository is located at:
  • Various wikis, documentation, etc will all be changed in the coming weeks/months

Along with various refactorings, we will also be changing some things in the way we release/distribute:

  • Each JBossTools component will now have it's own independent release cycle
  • Our main conduit of distribution will be our update site, which will always have the latest release of each component
  • If you are interested in bundled and tested versions of Eclipse/Webtools with our plugins, please take a look at our development subscription model and RHDS

Culpepper also noted that several Exadel employees will be contributors to the project.

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