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InfoQ Homepage News JadeLiquid Software Releases Pure Swing Browser Component Based on Firefox

JadeLiquid Software Releases Pure Swing Browser Component Based on Firefox

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JadeLiquid Software has released WebRenderer Swing Edition a pure Swing embedded browser component built upon Mozilla technology. This allows support for features such as Flash, CSS and DHTML without requiring native browser support to be installed on the destination OS. Default HTML support in Swing has not evolved with today's browser standards. Other solutions to this issue in the desktop Java space have taken the approach of embedding native operating system browser components inside Java. This technique requires the prerequisite browser to be properly installed. A pure Swing implementation does not have these requirements. From JadeLiquid's press release:

The Swing Edition is the accumulation of years of development effort working with key clients to drive the development of Java browser SDK’s to an entirely new level ... The WebRenderer Swing Edition [supports] HTML 4.01, XHTML, SSL, JavaScript (including AJAX), CSS 1 & 2, XSL, XSLT, XML, W3C DOM, plugins and Java Applets. [It] provides a framework to allow enterprise mash-ups utilizing Swing, AJAX and complex web content all within a Swing Desktop application.

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  • Alternative

    by Michel Löhr,

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    An interesting alternative bringing web technology to the desktop without using a browser is Apollo from Adobe Labs. After installing a small runtime of few Mbs, you can install and run Apollo applications which can be build with html css javascript flash flex and more with support of extra apis such as for filesystems. Currently the runtime exists for Win & Mac, Linux coming....

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