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InfoQ Homepage News Wicket support on Terracotta nears completion

Wicket support on Terracotta nears completion

The Wicket and Terracotta teams have Wicket up and running on Open Terracotta. Support is still not complete, but most of the examples that ship with Wicket now run without any problems. As soon as they have all the kinks out, Terracotta will put the configuration into a Terracotta config module.

Eelco Hillenius writes about the changes that have taken place in both Wicket and Terracotta to make configuring Wicket fairly easy, as well as descibing what configuration is needed for Wicket. Wicket was modified to have a tagging interface for all classes that need to be tracked by Terracotta. In Terracotta they added a feature that had existed previously but been removed or never committed to the mainline, to allow matching on subtypes of a class or interface when including classes to be monitored by Terracotta.

Hillenius notes that the last remaining piece is proper support of Wicket's EnumeratedType.

can currently be configured by enumerating all known values in Terracotta’s configuration. It would be very nice to have a more automatic support for this. Another thing with EnumeratedType is that we currently treat them as true immutables, and use the equality (==) operator on them in Wicket’s code base. This works even when serialized and deserialized, because EnumeratedType has a proper implementation of readResolve, in which it resolves to the locally available singleton instances.

He notes that currently readResolve is not supported by Terracotta so they will have to switch to the equals method as a workaround or wait for Terracotta to support readResolve.

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