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WS-TX as an OASIS standard

OASIS has just approved the output of the WS-TX technical committee as a standard. This means that WS-Coordination 1.1, WS-AtomicTransaction 1.1 and WS-BusinessActivity 1.1 can now join the ranks of WS-* specifications that have been ratified by standards bodies and moved away from defacto standards worked on behind closed doors. As the OASIS announcement states, there were abstaining voters:
The ballot for approval of Web Services Transaction Version 1.1 as OASIS Standard, announced at [1], was completed
with sufficient affirmative votes to approve the specification. However, because there were negative votes, the Web
Services Transaction (WS-TX) Technical Committee was required to decide how to proceed, per the OASIS TC Process (at
[2]). The TC gave consideration to the negative votes but has voted to request the specification be approved. (See [3].)

     We are pleased, therefore, to announce that Web Services Transaction Version 1.1 has been approved as an OASIS
Standard. The submission of the approved standard can be found at [4].

     Congratulations to the TC, and the community of implementers, developers and users who have brought the work
successfully to culmination.
It is not clear why Sun abstained, but Fujitsu were worried about some of the references in the specifications to other standards/specifications being out-of-date. We believe the technical committee will update the references where appropriate.

There have been several articles articles on the history of extended transactions. One more to add to the list comes from the co-chair of the WS-TX committee, where he traces the roots of WS-TX back to the CORBA Activity Service:
The origins of WS-Coordination are in the CORBA Activity service, which itself was the result of an OMG request for proposals to specify Additional Structuring Mechanisms for the OTS Specification.
Who said Web Services is all about reinventing the wheel?

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