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InfoQ Homepage News Two New Microsoft Compilers Written in VB

Two New Microsoft Compilers Written in VB

In the past there have been many complaints about Visual Basic being a second-class citizen to C# and that Microsoft never uses it internally. Those complaints are being addressed by SilverLight in numerous ways.

First of all, C# won't be fully supported in Silverlight. Unlike VB, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, C# does not support the Dynamic Language Runtime and cannot be hosted for runtime compilation in Silverlight.

In more recent news, it was revealed that Visual Basic 10 would have a compiler written in Visual Basic. While Mono has a self-hosting compiler for VB, this is the first time in the history of Visual Basic that Microsoft released a VB compiler written in VB.

Even more interesting, the next version of Microsoft's JavaScript compiler, known by the brand name JScript, was also written in Visual Basic.

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