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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Using Google GWT

Presentation: Using Google GWT

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java-centric framework for creating AJAX applications. GWT cross-compiles Java source into JavaScript, allowing Java developers to use their existing Java skills and tools to create AJAX apps. At JavaZone, Norway's Java conference, GWT lead Bruce Johnson intro'd GWT including high-performance AJAX, internationalization, and integration with existing web apps.

Watch Using Google GWT (47:51 min)

See also InfoQ's GWT coverage at    The presentor Bruce Johnson is works at Google as Tech Lead of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

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Community comments

  • Nice overview

    by Kishore Senji,

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    Thanks for the nice and quick overview of GWT. Great to hear that it is really simple and easy to integrate GWT in to existing apps. I was under the impression that starting with GWT has to be a new app and it does not gel with an existing app.

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