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InfoQ Homepage News JET 5.0 Released With Java Runtime Slim-Down Technology

JET 5.0 Released With Java Runtime Slim-Down Technology

Excelsior has released JET 5.0. JET is a toolkit and complete runtime environment for acceleration, protection, and deployment of Java applications. This is accomplished by compiling Java class files into native x86 (IA-32) instructions. Version 5.0 adds a number of features include:
  • Plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA
  • Faster start-up and lower memory usage
  • Support for latest Java SE 5 update 11
  • Smaller size of update packages

The key enhancement however is Java Runtime Slim-Down:

...Excelsior JET 5.0 [provides] the ability to exclude certain parts of the Java SE platform from the application's installation package, thus reducing its download size and disk footprint. For example, it may cut down a medium-size Java application that does not use Swing or AWT to a mere 5 MB, whereas the Sun JRE 5.0 alone is a 15 MB download...

The release also includes a number of performance optimizations for loops, floating point operations, and memory allocation which have improved SciMark2 and SPEC JVM98 benchmarks by a factor of 1.7.

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