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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Per Kroll on Agility and Discipline, RUP, Distributed Development

Interview: Per Kroll on Agility and Discipline, RUP, Distributed Development

Per Kroll is a director at Rational Software Corporation, where he's responsible for the development and management of the Rational Unified Process. In this interview, Per shares insights from his book 'Agility and Discipline',  Agile practices for distributed development, how RUP is changing to support teams that want to customize it , and RUP vs. Agile.

Watch Per Kroll on Agility & Discipline, Distributed Dev, RUP Subsets (24:35 min)

Introducing RUP subsets, Per compares RUP and Agile:
Many people seem to incorrectly see a contradiction between RUP and agility; I see no contradiction at all. Agility is about reacting to change, it's about having iteration planning, it's about making sure that you as a team take ownership of issues and react to required changes. All of those are key values of Rational Unified Process.

The biggest problem we have with RUP is that RUP is a rich knowledge base and what many teams try to do, which is something we recommend against, is ... try to adopt it all; when you try to adopt too many things, too many artifacts and so on, it slows you down. So when that slows you down you become less agile because it's too {hard] to keep up with the necessary changes. If you try to adopt everything in RUP for a small collocated team, it's very hard to be agile, because it's too much weight to carry.

So what we keep on articulating is that you should only adopt the key aspects that are out there for your situation.
Per then goes on to describe how to choose the parts of RUP that fit a team best.

Is your team doing RUP and how did you find your own subsets?

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