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InfoQ Homepage News So you want to be a famous Agilist? Here's Your Chance!

So you want to be a famous Agilist? Here's Your Chance!


Agile Advert - sponsored by VersonOne, Google, and InfoQ - is running a micro movie contest - all you have to do is create an advertisement for Agile, upload it, and get your friends to vote for you. The top 5 videos will be selected via the public's online votes and will be announced at Google's Agile 2007 party.

As of today there are three entries, all of which are comedies, although all genres are welcome. The latest is an Agile vs. Waterfall ad in the style of the now famous Mac vs. PC ads.

So, if you want to be a famous Agilist and be as well known as Kent, Martin, and Uncle Bob then start working on those home videos. Otherwise, go watch, laugh, and vote.

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