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InfoQ Homepage News Is BPMN good enough? BPMN Survey is requesting your feedback

Is BPMN good enough? BPMN Survey is requesting your feedback

The relationship between Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture is now well established. Together, they represent the foundation of a Composite Application Model (PPT) that is slowly becoming mainstream.

The elements of this composite application model are falling into place, for instance:
a)    BPEL as an orchestration language to support the implementation of business services and process components
b)    SCA as a middleware neutral component model that support the assembly of business services and process components
c)    SDO as the foundation of an interoperable resource representation model which enable the exchange of information between business services and process components.

The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) has been around since 2001 and has recently gained a lot of traction with a strong support from vendors and Visio stencils. BPMN is a key ingredient of the Composite Application vision if we ever want to make business process definitions explicit within our application model. Very early, BPMN (a true business process model notation) distinguished itself from BPEL (an orchestration language in which BPMN models could be compiled), yet BPMN has fallen short of creating a notation that is expressive enough to support a process centric application model, yet would remain a common language between the business and IT. Nowadays, BPMN is managed by the OMG which is undertaking a large effort to introduce the Business Process concept in UML metamodel and notation.

The BPM group at the Queensland University of Technology has started some research to augment the expressivity of BPMN and they are running a survey for to understand what practitioners are doing with BPMN.  

So if you are a BPMN user, please contribute your feedback, there are also some goodies to win.

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