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InfoQ Homepage News RedHat Releases Exadel Studio Plugins as Open Source

RedHat Releases Exadel Studio Plugins as Open Source

Today JBoss introduced the Exadel Eclipse plug-ins to its JBoss Tools project. InfoQ previously reported on the open sourcing of Exadel Studio Pro back in April. The JBoss Tools project encompasses the former JBoss IDE project, Hibernate Tools, JBoss jBPM Tools, Drools IDE, JBoss Application Server Tools, and new JBoss Seam Tools, among others. It also includes Ajax4jsf and RichFaces which were contributed by Exadel earlier this year.

Key features of the Exadel plug-ins include:

  • Two-way visual (WYSIWYG) and source editing of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Facelets pages;
  • Support for JBoss Ajax4jsf, JBoss RichFaces, and JBoss Seam components;
  • Drag and drop capabilities between project navigator, component palette, and Visual Page Editor windows;
  • Extended code assist for JSF and Seam projects; and
  • Support for easily adding Ajax capabilities to projects using JBoss RichFaces and Ajas4JSF using a palette and code assist.

The introduction of the Exadel plug-ins is the first step toward delivering Red Hat Developer Studio, an open source integrated development environment (IDE), later this summer. Exadel plug-ins are licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

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