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InfoQ Homepage News Geronimo passes Java EE 5 Compatibilty Test Suite

Geronimo passes Java EE 5 Compatibilty Test Suite

The Apache Geronimo project has passed a significant milestone in that their latest release candidate (2.0-M6-rc1) has passed all tests in the Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 Compatibility Test Suite, making it the first open source application server other than Glassfish to pass the tests.

This latest version includes OpenSource technology from a variety of sources.  Projects from Apache such as ActiveMQ, Axis, CXF, MyFaces and OpenJPA are some of the projects that make up the backbone of  Java EE functionality.   Other technologies that are compatible with  Apache Software License come from other sources such as GlassFish where technologies such as JAXB was used as well as Codehaus.

The 2.0-M6-rc1 assembly is a release candidate for 2.0-M6 which will be released soon and is a precursor to the 2.0 release which will likely be available in July.  This release is not quite production ready.  It is function complete from a specification perspective but still is undergoing functional and stress testing that will complete the steps to a final release.  Right now the 2.0-M6 release is usable for deployment and testing of Java EE applications and user feedback is welcome.

The effort towards Java Enterprise Edition functionality was started in 2006 and the base Geronimo kernel provided an excellent framework to integrate new technologies such as OpenJPA as well as CXF among others.  The drive to developing the server was an excellent example of community oriented development where people from the other related projects assisted with the integration and certification effort bringing the otherwise disparate projects together towards a common goal.

Various committers on the project will be working on improved  clustering, usability, performance and flexibility of the server.   Documentation is another dimension that will be addressed over the next several weeks.  For the latest information on the project see

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