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InfoQ Homepage News ReSharper 3.0 with full VB.NET Support

ReSharper 3.0 with full VB.NET Support

Full-featured support for Visual Basic .NET, including complete cross-language functionality with C#, will be available in ReSharper 3.0, a powerful add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio from JetBrains.

ReSharper 3.0 Beta is now available for download. The new version expands its versatile support of languages and technologies, providing extensive support for Visual Basic .NET, XML and XAML, including complete cross-language functionality between C# and VB.NET:

  • Full-Featured Visual Basic .NET Support
  • Cross-Language Functionality Between C# and VB - all ReSharper features working seamlessly in mixed projects
  • Unique Code Analysis for C# - finds and highlights errors on the fly and offers code suggestions
  • XML and XAML Support - type completion, navigation between tags, quick fixes and context actions
  • Many Productivity Enhancers - such as Unit Test Explorer, To-do list and solution-wide search by name for any file member

The JetBrains web site contains a list of detailed descriptions of the major new features. Version 3.0 will be released in three editions, two of which will exclude either C# or VB.NET functionality and cost a fraction of the full price. These editions may be right for those working on single-language projects only. The third edition encompasses C# and VB.NET functionality as well as cross-language functionality. The final ReSharper 3.0 release is scheduled for the end of June, 2007.

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