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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Service Firewall Pattern

Article: Service Firewall Pattern

Today, InfoQ publishes a sample pattern from Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz' in-progress book SOA Patterns, which attempts to provide a solution that prevents malicious incoming messages and prevent information disclosure. The pattern, termed "Service Firewall", relies on intercepting messages to provide better security:

First it intercepts each incoming and outgoing message and inspects it. Once intercepted the Service firewall can scan the message for malicious content such as viruses or XDOS attacks as mentioned in the sample scenario. Additionally, the Service Firewall can validate messages by making sure they conform to the contract, verifying property types and sizes etc. When a message is identified as problematic the Service Firewall can audit and log the message and then decide whether to filter it out or cleanse the problematic content and let it through.

Read the full article, and check out Arnon's ongoing SOA patterns effort.

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