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SOA in the Real World


Microsoft has published a free eBook titled "Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the Real World". The book presents Microsoft's view of Service Oriented Architectures and contains several real world examples that show how a SOA can be implemented by using Microsoft products and technologies.

The first two chapters have a rather introductory character. They examine Microsoft's four tenets, introduce the Abstract SOA Reference Model as well as the ESOMM SOA Maturity Model, discuss the Service Lifecycle, and provide a Service Taxonomy and SOA Scenarios. The subsequent chapters examine some aspects of a SOA:

  • Workflow and Process
  • Data
  • User Interaction
  • Identity and Access

All aspects are discussed in general and put into context by Case Studies, which show how these aspects are addressed by Microsoft products and technologies in the real world.

John Evdemon is providing a book errata on his blog.


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