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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Anne Thomas Manes on SOA, Governance, and REST

Interview: Anne Thomas Manes on SOA, Governance, and REST

In the first of a series of interviews recorded at QCon London, Anne Thomas Manes, research director at Burton Group, talks about a wide variety of topics, such as the state of SOA in general and SOA Governance and the tools available to support it in particular. She also addresses  approaches to getting funding for a SOA initiative when faced with different levels of acceptance. Another topic is the debate about REST and resource orientation as a potential alternative to "classical" service orientation.

Anne is a well known figure in the SOA and Web Services space. Before she joined Burton Group, Manes was founder and CEO of Bowlight, a software industry analyst and consulting firm. She also authored the book "Web Services - a Manager's Guide". A 24-year industry veteran, Manes was CTO at Systinet, pioneered Sun's Web services strategy and worked at Patricia Seybold Group. Anne maintains  and is a regular contributor to numerous SOA and Web services discussion groups.

Watch the complete interview (22 minutes).

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