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InfoQ Homepage News Patrick Curran replaces Onno Kluyt as JCP Chair

Patrick Curran replaces Onno Kluyt as JCP Chair

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Onno Kluyt has announced that he will be stepping down as the Chair of the Java Community Process. He has held this role since July 2004 and managed the JCP program in several previous roles. In his words:

Over several months I've been collecting additional tasks within Sun (such as our Java open source communities) and so it became time to find a dedicated resource again to head up this community. After some years chairing the JCP it also is good to step aside and let fresh viewpoints take the community forward

Replacing him as Chair will be Patrick Curran, a fifteen-year veteran of Sun, and most recently the lead of Sun's Conformance Engineering team. In his words:

In my role as a TCK developer I've been merely a participant in this standards process, but now things have changed. I have been asked to take over as chair of the JCP and director of the Program Management Office. In this new role I will be responsible for leading the organization, for chairing the Executive Committee meetings, and for running the PMO. In addition I am taking over as the Specification Lead for JSR 306, which will define the next version of the JCP's Process Document.

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