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Ruby.NET moves to open source community model

MS' IronRuby has generated lots of news, with it's first release appearing at OSCON in late July. In the meantime, Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler has been available since 2006, and the team has been steadily improving it.

While the Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler has always been available in source form, it wasn't organized as an Open Source project. This will now change. Wayne Kelly, of the Ruby.NET team, reports on the ruby-talk list
As heralded previously, we are now ready to move to a new open source community model.

While we at QUT will continue to be heavily involved in the project, we plan to transfer full control and ownership of the project to the open source community. To signify this new beginning, the new project will be named simply "Ruby.NET" (rather than "Gardens Point Ruby.NET") and a new licence agreement will be developed (by the community). A source code repository will be created external to QUT that will be directly assessable to developers in the community to make contributions.

This is also the time for interested developers to chime in and help with some key decisions, such as choice of hosting and license:
It has been suggested that we could host our source code repository and mailing lists at RubyForge. As I am inexperienced at managing this kind of open source project I need your help and advice. If you are interested in either discussing how we transition to this new model, or in contributing to our code base, please send an email to and I will add you to an interim core-development mailing list.
This means, that Ruby.NET will be open for interested .NET developers to join and help improve it. This is in contrast to the runtimes that MS provides, such as IronRuby, where it's not yet clear whether MS will find a way to allow outside contributions or not.

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