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InfoQ Homepage News Linked-In, Second Life, eBay, Orbitz, Yahoo! architectures to be presented @ QCon SF

Linked-In, Second Life, eBay, Orbitz, Yahoo! architectures to be presented @ QCon SF

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The 'architectures you've always wondered about' track at QCon San Francisco (Nov 7-9) this year will be featuring the architectures of Linked-In, Second Life, eBay, Orbitz, & Yahoo!, presented directly from key architects at those companies. QCon itself also has a number of other tracks on architecture, Java, .NET, Ruby, Agile, research technologies, and more.

The architectures you've always wondered about track will feature the following sessions:

  • Architecture of Second Life, presented by the creator of Second Life himself Philip Rosedale
  • Yahoo! Communities Architecture: Unlikely Bedfellows, presented by Ian Flint, Director of Operations & former
  • The eBay Architecture, an updated version presented by eBay distinguished architects Randy Shoup and Dan Pritchett'
  • Linked-In: Lessons learned, growth and scalability, by Linked-In CTO Jean-Luc Valliant
  • Orbitz's Architecture, by lead of the Architecture and Infrastructure group Brian

QCon first debuted in London this past March (see oustanding bloggers show coverage) and going forward QCon will be an annual event in both SF and London, providing a venue for learning, networking, and tracking innovation in the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile communities >also with a strong focus on architecture design, as well as other important topics for the professional software developer.

Some of the other speakers at QCon SF include Martin Fowler, Rod Johnson (Spring Creator), Eric Evans (Domain Driven Design), Jutta Eckstein (Agile in the Large), Erik Meijer (Creator of LINQ),  Joshua Kerievsky (Industrial XP) and many others.  QCon San Francisco includes 72 technical sessions (Nov 7-9) and 2 days of tutorials (Nov 5-6).   QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers. The tracks at the conference include:

Registration for the 3 day conference is $1695 US until end of August, a $500 savings. The conference will be held at the new Westin San Francisco Market Street.   Join us in this first annual event in San Francisco! Visit:

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