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InfoQ Homepage News Atlassian Acquires Cenqua

Atlassian Acquires Cenqua

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Atlassian Software Systems the company behind JIRA, Confluence, and Bamboo has acquired Cenqua which provides complementary products such as Clover, FishEye, and Crucible. The acquisition should not come as a surprise with plugins already available for JIRA and FishEye and Bamboo and Clover. In regards to how Cenqua development will proceed moving forward, a FAQ on the acquisition states:

...Clover, Crucible & FishEye will continue uninterrupted. In fact the original Cenqua team, plus significant new resources, will deliver more features and improvements more often. There will be no more releases of Clover.NET and support will only be available to customers who purchased maintenance within the last 12 months. We are pulling content from the Cenqua website onto the Atlassian site; you can already read about FishEye, Crucible and Clover on our website. Over the next few months, the Cenqua site will disappear completely and all documentation and support will reside on our site...Cenqua's development and executive staff are all coming to Atlassian. Cenqua's founders, Peter Moore, Brendan Humphreys, Conor MacNeill and Matt Quail will all be coming to work at Atlassian's Sydney office. Peter will oversee all product development of the Cenqua product line including product management and engineering...
The casualtiy in the acquisition appears to be Clover.NET:

...Clover.NET will be discontinued. It is no longer for sale, nor will there be any new releases. Existing users will continue to receive support for 12 months from when they last purchased...

Profy's Cyndy Aleo-Carreira caught up with Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes to ask about the acquisition. Mike provided the following hints about how the merged product line may evolve going forward:

...All our applications focus on enabling collaboration and communication between developers, not just tracking tasks or displaying source code. The addition of FishEye allows much greater insight into the trends within your source base and Crucible allows teams to perform code reviews in a simple, efficient manner. This is one of the worst performed practices in software teams today but incredibly valuable. Combining this ability to do code reviews into JIRA's workflow is another example of how the merged product line can evolve...

Atlassian provides free licenses of their products to open source projects, non-profit organisations, and charities. This practice will continue and now include the Cenqua products.

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  • Congrats

    by John Davies,

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    Well done guys, nice move.


  • Congratulations.

    by Toby Jee,

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    Congratulations to both of the Australian companies. Coool, I wonder what's Atlassian's next move. :-)

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