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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Dan Pritchett on Architecture at eBay

Interview: Dan Pritchett on Architecture at eBay

Most software architects take for granted the things that Dan Pritchett had to give up when he went to work for eBay. Take transaction control and foreign key constraints, for instance. While every architect has to execute some sort of balance between design purity an pragmatic realities, eBay's scale take that to an extreme.

Martin Flowler and Floyd Marinescu asked Dan Pritchett about these challenges in an interview that covers the impact of eBay's scale on architecture, business relationships, organizational governance and software design. Pritchett also covers some of the underlying theory behind some common architectural patterns and how eBay found a way to preserve the core principle of that pattern while creating highly optimized implementation that didn't follow the typical implementation pattern.

Watch Martin Fowler and Floyd Marinescu interview Dan Pritchett.

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