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InfoQ Homepage News JRuby targets Java 5

JRuby targets Java 5

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As reported, the JRuby team recently started a debate about whether they should move to requiring Java 5. A decision has been made reports JRuby team member Ola Bini:
So, after some discussion on the #jruby IRC channel, the core team has decided to go with a 5+ strategy on trunk. The reasons for this is that almost everyone who commented on the issues advised us to move on, and the features of 5 is quite compelling.
Part of the reason was the ability to use new language features to implement the JRuby runtime. Java 5 Annotations, for instance, are now used to provide metadata for method bindings. Another area was the ability to use the Concurrency libs included in Java 5. JRuby 1.0 ships with a backport of these libs, but they don't come with all the performance improvements the bundled equivalents on Java 5 provide.
Users limited to Java 1.4 are supported, as the JRuby team will build a version treated with Retroweaver, which takes Java 5 code and exports classes compatible with a Java 1.4 VM. Another similar tool is Retrotranslator. These tools go quite far in Java 5 support. Both even allow features such as Annotations to work on Java 1.4.

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Community comments

  • And 1.0 branch will remain 1.4-compatible

    by Charles Nutter,

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    Just a reminder, we have no intention of migrating the 1.0 branch to Java 5, so anyone using 1.0 will soon see a 1.4-compatible 1.0.1 release.

  • XRuby binds Ruby method with Annotation

    by Zheng Ye,

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    Thank JRuby team!

    The new release of XRuby 0.3.0 has implemented method binding with Annotation, which is inspired by this discussion. That's really a wonderful idea! It makes code cleaner.

  • Right decision

    by Taras Puchko,

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    I think you've made the right decision. Using Java 5 is a great deal for developers and will benefit clients too.

    BTW, in addition to language features and API another reason to move to Java 5 for many projects is an ability to use new frameworks and libraries like the JPA or JAX-WS implementations. And as the developer of Retrotranslator I can say that with little effort most of Java 5 libraries can be made to run on Java 1.4.

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p